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In Greek mythology, the Anemoi (Άνεμοι — "winds") were wind gods who were each given a direction, from which their respective winds came.  Each associated with the four seasons.  They were sometimes represented as mere gusts of wind, at other times were depicted as wild horses kept in the stables.

History of Four Winds Cafe

     Four Winds Café, formerly the Southeast Truck Stop located in Climax, NC opened its doors May 2, 2006 after a three month renovation.

     Peggy and Steven Holmes, proprietors, had moved to Southeast Guilford County in August of 2005.  They passed the “Truck Stop” daily on their commutes from Greensboro to the horse farm they had purchased on Monnett Road.  In late December, a sign was posted in the window of the vacant restaurant stating that it was for sale.  After some convincing, Steven agreed to take a look.  The vision of a quaint café began.

     After Steven added his professional touch in designing the kitchen to be efficient and very workable, Peggy began her concentration on the front of the house, replacing the old wooden counter with granite and choosing all the colors and furnishings.  “We drew a line between the kitchen and dining area and worked in our respective areas.” Says Peggy.

     Since opening May 2, 2006, we have continued to provide quality food and wine at reasonable prices in a friendly and clean environment.

2014 Renovations—Check out our new Café

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